What I Do

I make mobile and web applications at kohactive.  Software is indeed eating the world and I get to be at the buffet. I get to build cool products solving challenges in education, logistics, e-commerce, shipping, and etc. It’s an exciting time.

The health challenges in Nigeria are changing due to diet and other risk factors and the indigenous pharmaceutical industry is in no place to handle the demand for new drugs. My father and a couple of his colleagues are working on a company that will transform the pharmaceutical industry. As a good son would, I’ve been helping on their journey. Check out Cornell Pharma

If you believe software is eating the world, then you have to believe new business models and opportunities will arise from founders who are thinking about how to solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges. That’s why I built tiphub. tiphub works with founders, partners, and investors to support, fund, and grow transformative companies. Through programs, events, and collaboration, we’ve worked with over 100 companies leading to $7.5 million USD in funding, and a tight-knit community of founders, partners, and investors. Over the last year, We’ve also made two investments (Parallel Score and Agrihub).

I also try to sleep when I can.

Let me know if you’re interested in collaborating here!