Has hard work become an exotic concept? (via Emma explores)

Emma does a great job of highlighting values of eastern and western culture and what we have to learn from both.

A few weeks back, I came across an NY Times piece that basically expounds the innovation-driven, creativity-centric values that encapsulate Steve Jobs' life and career and brands America as the all-encompassing hub for such risk-taking pioneers. I already wrote an entire post about Jobs' ideologies, but I have to comment on them again, perhaps because they strike such a deep, personal chord in me. Before I delve into personal technicalities, thou … Read More

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Leadership and Communication

Great leaders are effective communicators. Think of MLK, Gandhi, Lincoln, and FDR. They were all leaders who understood the value of their words and how it would translate to action. Why did their messages hit so hard with the crowds that, at times, hung on to their every word?

I think it comes down to two very simple strategies that anyone can apply when talking to a group of people.

1. Believe, know and live your message. Have an understanding of what you’re saying to the point where people could understand your message without hearing you speak. Gandhi is one of the best examples. He preached non-violence and acted in accordance to his beliefs. Embodying your message gives you the unshakable confidence when communicating your message.

2. Know your audience. The great leaders always know their followers. They empathize, sympathize and understand where they are and where they come from. MLK understood that his followers needed the big picture and sought inspiration in his words. His sermon style speeches naturally gave his listeners hope and courage to work for a brighter future.

This is not an exhaustive list. I think that you’re half way to victory if you know your message well and the audience that will receive the message. At the end of the day, great leaders communicate well to inspire others or to call them to action. These two skills go hand in hand. Great leaders communicate well and effective communicators make for great leaders. I wonder which came first?

Holiday Weekend · Random

Longer weekend or short week?

I enjoy holiday weekends but I’m not sure if i enjoy them more than a short week. They both have their benefits. You get an extra day to travel or relax with an extended weekend. The advantage of a short week is that….well… it’s a short week which also ends up being a disadvantage. When there’s a Monday off, Tuesdays normally become hectic as you have two days worth of work to do. People tend to overload work Monday through Thursday when we have Fridays off.

Would you rather have a long weekend or a short week?