How to argue on the internet (via Measure of Doubt)

How to argue on the internet is a precursor to a series I’m starting this week, On communication. Be on the look out for new posts!

How to argue on the internet It's plenty hard enough to get someone to listen to your arguments in a debate, given how attached people are naturally to their own ideas and ways of thinking. But it becomes even harder when you trigger someone's emotional side, by making them feel like you're attacking them and putting them automatically i … Read More

via Measure of Doubt


How to Spot a Liar

A couple of days ago, I facilitated a warm up about super heroes.  I asked, “If you could have a super power, what would be?” I got the traditional responses of flight, super speed and invisibility. Some one else stated that they would like to spot truth and lies with 100% certainty. I instantly thought of  Lie to Me, one of my favorite TV shows.

Lie to Me, while based on research by Dr. Paul Ekman, is a fictional account of the Lightman group and their attempts to tell whether people are lying. Using micro expressions and other indicators, Dr. Lightman and his associates go around saving the day spotting one lie at a time.


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Changing the Game

It’s been a while since I’ve written on here. I figured what better time to start back up than now? I’m living in Washington D.C, have a bunch of random experience and adventures to talk about. It will be nice to look back at these stories a year from now and laugh and reminisce about a crazy time. So, be on the lookout for posts on interesting pictures, random adventures, and my job at city year DC!

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White House 2012 Guide pt 1: For Republicans

The play for the white house in 2012

Keep these stats in mind:

  • Congress ranks last among 16 other institutions  in the “2010 Confidence in Institutions” poll. 11 percent of respondents gave have a “great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in Congress.  Gallup Poll
  • The presidency ranks 7th with 36 percent.
  • Military is ranked first with 76 percent

Lets assume a couple of things. (Follow me here…some of these assumptions are basic but there’s a reason for laying it out like this.) Lets assume that November 2010 comes around and republicans win back seats in the house and the senate. The public is unsatisfied with the party in power in congress and its safe to assume that the democrats will lose seats. Republicans, like it or not, will have to acknowledge the tea party as a legitimate force to be reckoned with and if they have any intention at the white house in 2012, coöperation is necessary. Lets also assume that President Obama intends to run for a second term in 2012. Most incumbent presidents do. Also:

  • Liberals will vote for democratic candidate because they fundamentally disagree with Republicans
  • Conservatives will vote for republican candidate because they fundamentally disagree with democrats
  • 2012 presidential election will primarily be decided by moderates on both sides and independents. (DUH)

So the main question is how do you get the fringe moderates on both sides and independents to vote for a republican candidate for 2012? Here’s what we can assume from the Gallup poll:

  1. The voting public lacks confidence in Congress. A presidential candidate that comes from congress will not be able to align themselves with the anti-establishment voting electorate (Large group which include independents, moderates and angered democrats)
  2. They are not looking to vote for an incumbent president, especially if ECONOMY does not get better.
  3. A presidential candidate with substantial military ties would be enticing to moderates and independents.

Most voters will be looking for someone who is anti-Washington. Why not look for a high-ranking military officer to be a presidential candidate?  Someone with experience in the military and minor experience with D.C politics would have the upper hand in an election based on the confidence polls. Historically, conflicts elevated many officers into the office of the president (Harry S. Truman, Theodore Roosevelt…etc)  Who will be the product of the first Gulf, second Gulf and Afghanistan wars? This is an ample opportunity for a military candidate on the republican ticket. Instead of going with an establishment candidate and splitting the tea party votes, there’s a chance you could have both republican votes and tea party votes while capturing moderate votes too.

Of course, it’s just August 2010.  A lot of things could change before the next presidential cycle. If the economy recovers, which includes the unemployment rate decreasing, the party in charge reaps the benefits and republicans will lose 2012 presidency. The tea party could go mainstream and produce a presidential candidate with the ability to catch moderates and independents. I highly doubt that. Most likely, the republicans will find a rough nose governor to head the ticket.  I guess we can only wait and see.

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I’m moving to Washington D.C at the end of the month and I haven’t found housing yet.

I’ve been on Craigslist every day for the last two months and every good opportunity has either been a scam, or the person renting hasn’t gotten back to me after I’ve sent an email. Earlier in the summer, I was very optimistic. I talked to friends in DC and they thought that I was starting this early and were certain I’d find somewhere for sure. Well, its fifteen more days until I have to leave and I’m panicking.

Hopefully I find somewhere soon.